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Obecný úrad Veľká Ida
Kaštieľ 42
044 55 Veľká Ida

Tel.: 055/699 21 55
Fax: 055/728 73 11
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Košice okolie

Microregion: ZMOÚB, ZOÚK

First written mention: 1251

Height above sea level: 210 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 3169

Sufrace of cadaster: 3500 ha

Side: Gomboš

Veľká Ida is a village located in the southwestern part of the Košická Kotlina basin, in the valley of the Ida brook. It was colonized as early as in the Bronze Age. The first written record of the village comes from 1251. At this time, it belonged to the Aba family, other notable owners were the members of the Perényi family. The strategic location of the village led to the growth of its importance. A defensive castle was built in the 15th century; however, it was destroyed by the imperial armies in 1558. At present, more than 3200 inhabitants live in Veľká Ida. Several historical monuments reflect the importance of this village. The Roman-Catholic church comes from the 14th century. An originally gothic style was supplemented by some Baroque elements in 1743. The Reformed church was built in 1799. A tower was added in 1836. A wayside chapel from the 19th century has been preserved as well. The most dominant secular building in Veľká Ida is undoubtedly the Renaissance and Baroque manor house built in the 17th century, situated in a beautiful trimmed park. This manor house belonged to the Csáky family, later the Shell family and at present it is a seat of the municipal office. The mansion of the Prihradný family has also survived. The community centre has been established in this Classical mansion with tall Tuscan pilasters. The Classical synagogue built in the 18th century points out to the large Jewish community which used to live here. An international convention of Jews has taken place in the village ant the holy Chief Rabbi Reichman is buried in the chapel of the Jewish cemetery. The first public school was built by the representatives of three Churches in 1899, and today the building is used by the local kindergarten. There are several clubs and societies in the village bearing the traditions of our ancestors, especially the “Ilosvai“ folklore ensemble. In terms of sport, football is especially popular and favorable conditions have been created in the village for its development. It the immediate vicinity of the village, the former VSŽ, now U.S.Steel company is located, which has unfortunately, despite its economic function, negative impact on the environment. The village was even predestined to decline due to the  construction prohibition. Moreover, the former government cut off almost a third of the village’s historical cadastral territory and joined it with Košice. Despite these problems, the village is trying to develop and provide all its citizens – Slovaks, Hungarians and Roma atmosphere of tolerance.


Pondelok, 19. marec 2018

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