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Obecný úrad Slanec
Hlavná 55/114
044 17 Slanec

Tel.: 055/696 85 95
Fax: 055/696 85 95
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Košice okolie

Microregion: Združenie obcí slanského mikroregiónu

First written mention: 1230

Height above sea level: 340 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 1350

Sufrace of cadaster: 2046 ha


Slanec is a village which is located under the preserved tower of the Slanecký Hrad castle called Neboj sa!, on the foothills of the Slánske Vrchy mountain range, at an elevation of 345 meters above sea level. The first written record of the village comes from 1230. The history of the village was closely connected to the Slanecký Hrad castle, which is first referred to in a document from 1281. The castle was a seat of village sovereigns. Finta of the Aba family, a regional palatinus was the first owner of the castle. In 1601, the Forgáč family gained the possession of the castle, the last one being Count Štefan Forgáč, who considerably influenced the life of the village. As a result of numerous battles, the castle turned into a ruin. A museum of the noble family of Forgáč used to be in the central tower until 1945, when the tower burnt down. At present, the castle hill is recognized as a National Nature Reserve as an andesite hill with castle ruins and diverse fauna and flora. The road to the castle runs through a park with attractive wood species of foreign origin. Remains of a Roman settlement have been found in the area. Original inhabitants were mostly farmers, but also skilled carpenters, weavers and they also worked at the local quarry. In 1831, during the peasant’s revolt, Slanec was one of the centers of the rebellion. During the liberation fights of the World War II the entire village was evacuated, as it got in the way of the battle front. The village suffered material damage during this period. The victims of the World War II are reminded by the local monument. The construction of the most dominant sacral building – the Roman-Catholic Kostol sv. Štefana Kráľa (Church of St. Stephen the King) was initiated in 1754. A major reconstruction was carried out in the beginning of the 20th century. The Reformed church has been standing in the village since 1784. Two parish offices have a seat in the village. The municipality operates a funeral home, a primary school and a kindergarten. The quality of life of the inhabitants is improved by the local health centre, post office, community centre, municipal library and plenty of shops. The village architecture consists of both traditional houses and modern buildings. Slanec is a village rich in natural, as well as cultural and historical rarities, which makes it an interesting destination in terms of tourism and education. 


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