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Obecný úrad Rozhanovce
SNP 48
044 42 Rozhanovce

Tel.: 055/695 02 13, 055/695 01 02
055/695 02 94 - knižnica a kultúrny dom
Fax: 055/695 02 13
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Košice okolie

Microregion: Toryšský

First written mention: 1270

Height above sea level: 220 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 2168

Sufrace of cadaster: 2220 ha


Rozhanovce is a village located in the Košická Kotlina basin, northeast of the town of Košice. The oldest evidence of colonization of this area can be traced back to the early Stone Age. The first written record of the village comes from 1270. The name of the village is derived from the name of the Rozgonyi family. The village is often connected to the battle that took place in 1312 between Charles Robert and the Omodejs. The original inhabitants of the settlement were mostly farmers, but also craftsmen. The agricultural character of the village has been preserved until these days. Rozhanovce ranks among the bigger villages of the Abov region. There is gas distribution system, water supply, sewerage and a sewage water treatment plant. The oldest building in the village is the Roman-Catholic church devoted to the Elevation of the Holy Cross. It was built in 1770 at the original site of original 14th century religious building. The new Kostol Sedembolestnej Panny Márie (Church of the Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows)has been used for religious purposes since 1994. A Classical manor house has also been preserved. The history of education in the village can be traced back into 1955. The municipality of Rozhanovce operates a primary school and a kindergarten. Apart from the physical education field, the students can also use a modern gymnasium. Healthcare services are provided at the local health centre and the pharmacy. There are several shops and service providers in the village. The most important businesses in the village do business in the field of agriculture, retailing and stockholding. Several sports clubs are active in the village, a football pitch can be found here as well. The natural amphitheater of Rozhanovce with a capacity of 1950 seats is used for various cultural events, famous in the whole region. Festival Náboženskej Piesne (Religious Songs Festival)takes place here annually, as well as Abovské Folklórne Slávnosti (Abov Folklore Festival).


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