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Miestny úrad mestskej časti Košice-Luník IX
Krčméryho 2
040 11 Košice

Tel.: 055/788 27 11
Fax: 055/643 52 52
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Košice okolie


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Height above sea level: 230 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 5900

Sufrace of cadaster: 100 ha


Luník IX, a city part of Košice is located southwest of the centre of the “Eastern Metropolis”. The housing estate was planned to be inhabited by soldiers, police officers and inadaptable citizens mostly of the Roma nationality. Since there is a waste disposal site located near Luník IX, the interest among the soldiers and police officers to live in this area was minimal. Thus, the rate of Roma inhabitants rose up to more than 50 per cent. At present 5900 registered inhabitants live here, including approximately 3000 children. Therefore the housing estate represents Slovakia’s densest Roma settlement. Unfortunately, it is also a place where the largest number of inadaptable citizens and dodgers can be found. Crime and drug abuse are the problems that are spreading geometrically. The statistics don’t lie - Luník IX is a ticking bomb which requires everyone’s attention. Only one primary school is active here, with a capacity of 300 children. At present, almost 1000 children attend the school. Local kindergarten has a capacity of 80 children. One of positive facts related to this city part is the establishment of local community centre, which was opened in 2007. Dozens of community workers provide consulting services, either in the centre or out in the field, trainings are organized to enhance social skills of citizens of various age groups. Activities supporting the integration and active citizenship of the inhabitants of Luník IX are the only viable way how to solve its problems, which are becoming more noticeable in the whole city. The activities of Church are also a vital contribution to the increasing of the life standard of especially children and youth. The problems of Luník IX may also be interpreted as a challenge – to what extent we are capable of mutual understanding and respect.


Streda, 24. apríl 2019

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