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Obecný úrad Komárovce 22
044 55 Komárovce

Tel.: 0911/498 991
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Košice okolie

Microregion: ZMOUB, ZOUK

First written mention: 1402

Height above sea level: 196 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 400

Sufrace of cadaster: 847 ha


Komárovce is a village located in the south-west of the Košická Kotlina basin. The area was colonized in the late Stone Age by the Bükk culture, evidence of a Slavonic settlement have been discovered as well. The first written record of the village comes from 1365. At present, approximately 400 inhabitants live here. The infrastructure and facilities are well developed. The oldest sacral monument of Komárovce is the Reformed church built early in the 19th century. The Roman-Catholic Kostol Nanebovstúpenia Pána (Ascension of Our Lord Church) was built in 1925. The village and its land area is decorated by wayside crosses built by local churchmen. The revolutionary period and the eras of World War I and II are reminded by the Monument to the Fallen at the cemetery. While the past inhabitants were mostly farmers, at present there is a tendency to commute to work in industry. Local entrepreneurs do business in various fields. The municipality offers some facilities for starting businesses, such as office space rental and a conference room in the local Entrepreneurs house. The citizens of Komárovce have established several clubs and societies, such as the Volunteer Fire Department and Csemadok.  Združenie Obcí Údolia Kaňapty (The Association of Municipalities of the Údolie Kaňapty Valley) has its seat in Komárovce. The municipalities united in this association have obtained the “Industrial and Social Development Program”, the project documentation of “Group Water Main” as well as “Sewerage of the Villages of the Kaňapty Microregion and the Affiliated Villages” and other important development documents. In 2008, the Municipal Planning Scheme was developed, which addresses the development activities of the village, also by individual construction of houses, which creates conditions for its further development.


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