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Región Abov
 Historické centrum Košíc  Historické centrum Košíc

Jasovský kláštor
Abov was originally a county in Austria-Hungary located in the territory of both today’s Slovakia and Hungary. At present, we use this name to refer to the Slovak part of the aforementioned county. The administrative, social and cultural centre of the region is Košice, the second largest city in Slovakia. Its development was connected with its strategic trade location. The golden age of Košice came in the 14th and 15th century, when several beautiful buildings were built. Probably the best example is the most dominant building of the city centre - Dóm Sv. Alžbety (St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral).
Although several smaller towns can be found in Abov, the region is more characteristic for smaller distinctive villages. The original inhabitants of this region were farmers and also exceptional vine-growers.  The region also developed in terms of mining and metallurgy. The U.S Steel Košice Company became the dominant business.
In terms of tourism industry, the region has a great potential in the field of tourism combined with education.  The city of Košice itself is a great repository of cultural values. Museums, galleries and theatres have their seats in the city, as well as recreational and educational centers of nationwide importance. Visitors of Abov should not forget to visit the Jasovský Kláštor manor house, which was during its flourishing days the centre of scholarship of the eastern Slovakia.  
Tours in the Volovské Vrchy mountains and Slanské Vrchy mountains are also very interesting, as several castle complexes used to stand there in the past. Several recreational centers have been established in this area, such as Kacvečany, Jahodná, Kojšovská Hoľa…
In the Slánske Vrchy mountains one can also find one of world’s most interesting volcanic phenomena.  It is our Herliansky Gejzír geyser.               

 Turniansky hrad  Herliansky gejzír  Múzeum vín - Moldava Hámor v Medzeve


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